Northrop Grumman At IDEX 2019. (Transcribed Videos)

“Good morning,I’m Chris Foster with Northrop Grumman innovation systems, special mission aircraft out of Fort Worth, Texas. What we have here is the palletised weapon system or PAWS. PAWS is a roll on/roll off intelligence surveillance reconnaissance unit that can also be outfitted with the gal 23,A/B bushmaster 30 millimetre cannon. This cannon is an adaptation of the mark 44 bushmaster cannon that is specifically designed to work with the aircraft and provide lower recoil for aircraft platform application this system is designed to roll on, as I said onto a slick C130 or C27 type cargo aircraft and quickly transform that aircraft into a mobile intelligence surveillance reconnaissance operation platform. It could also be outfitted with this 30 millimetre cannon to give it a strike capability and it can also be outfitted with precision guided munitions to give it just a little bit more reach. The system can be configured from a cargo loaded configuration to a fully operational gunship configuration in under two hours.

So, regarding aircraft weaponisation and systems integration, we have here a model of a C27 aircraft with PAWS implemented, the palletised weapon system and on that you can see how the aircraft is outfitted with paws, how it sticks out the left hand side and you can see through the windows how the roll on/ roll off capability is situated in the aircraft. So our next capability is in the gunship arena and what we have here is the AC235, light gunship, this aircraft is also outfitted with a 30 millimetres cannon into the smaller cannon than the paws with the 235 LF designation. This aircraft is also capable of firing hellfire missiles and 2.75 inch rockets either guided or unguided and lastly we have our  light attack aircraft shown with the example here of the AC 208 eliminator, this aircraft is based on a Cessna caravan 208 B. This aircraft is capable of implementing hellfire missiles 2 on each wing or AP KWS guided rockets or a combination of both, so we can have hellfire missiles and rockets both combined.”