14 June 2018. Nexter, a leader in Artillery systems, is presenting several products at Eurosatory, proof of its exceptional know-how. In the field of artillery, Nexter is one of the few companies with full control over the arms-ammunition pairing. This allows Nexter to offer complete solutions, from turnkey battalion systems including maintenance, to all the essential components such as shells, calculators and the systems themselves.

For digital command support tools, Nexter’s offer comprises a fire control systems (FINDART®) and ballistic calculators (BACARA®). These products satisfy the needs of users at all the different levels of the artillery command chain, from the battery to the upper levels. In addition to the tools for calculating and coordinating supporting fire, they also provide tracking for logistical, tactical and navigational solutions, which can then be interconnected with the Battlefield Management Systems (BMS). Nexter’s offer also includes simulators for the training of artillery units, whether physical sessions (Caesar Crew Training System) or digital sessions (tutorials, 3D simulator, etc.). Configurable and scalable, these tools make it possible to significantly reduce the cost of training artillery units, by only firing the minimum required live ammunition.

For launchers, the innovative technical choice of the CAESAR® 155 mm gun on the 6×6 vehicle gives the system exceptional tactical mobility with unrivalled fire-power. Its 155 mm/52 caliber artillery provides fire support, combining accuracy and extended range, and its wheeled chassis allows for air-transport, while at the same time limiting its carrying costs. CAESAR® is currently used by the artilleries of many countries; the French army which has deployed it continually in operations since 2009 (more than 100,000 shells fired and 1 million kilometres travelled) and by foreign armies that have acquired more than 300 units. The CAESAR® 8×8 will be presented on the Nexter booth by a team of Danish gunners.

To round out its artillery range, Nexter also offers the 105LG1, a 105 mm gun that benefits from a winning combination: unsurpassed deployability, accuracy, firing rate (12 rounds per minute) and a long range (up to 17 km). And finally, the Group offers a full range of artillery ammunition. The gunner’s operational and training requirements are covered from 105 to 155 mm, in 39 or 52 calibers, with different types of ammunition, rockets and charges.

The best available technologies are used for the best terminal effects, for range and accuracy, as shown by the ammunition for the 105 mm ERG3 extended range (up to 17km), the BONUS® anti-tank shells, the SPACIDO® trajectory-correction rockets and in the near future the 155 mm KATANA® guided ammunition.