Munich, Germany. 22 July 2016. Peace, tranquillity and the weekend mood at Munich suddenly turned into Mayhem when gunmen shot indiscriminately at the  Olympia shopping centre in the southern city starting with McDonanlds. A witness has confirmed to ADU that  there has been a second shooting at a metro station near Marienplatz, the city centre.

The incident was reported around  17.50 local time, and the news was out that there had been  shooting near Hanauer Street, which then progressed to Riesstreet and the Olympia shopping mall.

The official police statement says multiple deaths and injuries but eyewitnesses have confirmed about 15 deaths and nearly 30 injured. The figure seems subdued, the actual could be many more.  No organisation has taken responsibility for this a

The story is developing and ADU will keep you updated.