Mumbai. 15 April 2024. As part of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport’s (CSMIA) monsoon contingency plan, the primary runway 09/27 and the secondary runway 14/32 will remain temporarily non-operational on 9th May 2024, for pre-monsoon maintenance & repair work. The temporary closure will be from 1100hrs to 1700hrs. A NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) has been issued in this regard to enhance runway resilience and ensure smooth operations, particularly during the monsoon season. All operations will resume as usual from 9th May 2024 post 1700hrs. The scheduled temporary runway closure is a yearly practice and contingency plan on the same will help maintain operational continuity and ensure passengers safety.

The airport has a network of runways, taxiways and aprons encompassing nearly 1033 acres. Thus, to ensure operational continuity during the monsoon months, timely checks and repair work on the runways and associated facilities is of utmost importance to maintain its health and operational continuity. The yearly practice of runway maintenance work involves specialists in engineering and airside teams inspecting the runway surface for micro texture and macro texture wear and tear that may have occurred due to day-to-day operations and help strengthening the airside strip.

Runway 09-27 spans 3448m x 60m, and runway 14-32 spans 2871m x 45m and this activity ensures the durability and longevity of the runway infrastructure by addressing concerns such as waterlogging and ensuring safe landings and take-offs during monsoon. Furthermore, the maintenance work will include repairing any damage to the runways that may have occurred due to regular use.

The repair work is an integral component of CSMIA’s monsoon contingency plan, strategically crafted to proactively address potential challenges posed by inclement weather conditions. With a steadfast focus on ensuring uninterrupted business operations and providing assurance to airlines and passengers alike, the airport has leveraged cutting-edge technology to monitor the maintenance activity and adhere to the scheduled completion time of 06 hours.

Mumbai’s CSMIA has strategically and meticulously planned the runway maintenance work in collaboration with its multiple stakeholders, including airlines and aviation authorities. As a collective goal to ensure zero inconvenience to its passengers, CSMIA has intimated all its relevant stakeholders six months in advance. This has also helped airlines to plan their flight schedules accordingly.

CSMIA’s proactive approach to runway maintenance reflects its commitment to ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability in every aspect of its operations. By prioritizing infrastructure upgrades the airport ensures a seamless experience for airlines and passengers alike.