New Delhi. 22 September 2016. In the backdrop of increasing attacks on security personnel, it is imperative that the soldiers get the state-of-the-art armour to safeguard their lives as they engage in various theaters against anti-national elements.

Kanpur based armouring major MKU showcased its future generation personal armour solutions for defence and security personnel at 19th India International Security Expo. In addition their night vision devices were also the cynosure of all eyes.

Weight carried by a soldier is of critical importance as it impacts and hinders his performance and survivability capabilities in the theatre of operation. Modern soldiers carry equipment weighing approx. 36-40 Kgs on them including body armour, ammo, batteries, water, rations and new generation devices needed to fight and survive and of these, body armour is probably the single heaviest item.

The technologists and designers at MKU have combined the capabilities of new ultra-light weight 6th generation Polyshield armour with the versatile and extremely comfortable quick release Instavest. The Instavest is Patent product of MKU.

Until recently there was no reliable way to reduce the resulting trauma of the impacting bullets or fragments on a soldier’s helmet. While he may be able to survive the actual hit, there have been many instances of long-term head injuries due to the resulting trauma in helmets.

MKU also exhibited its Mukut advanced combat helmets at which are made using the revolutionary RHT (Reduced Helmet Trauma) Technology and have been tested and certified by HP White Laboratories, USA to offer a BABT (Behind Armour Blunt Trauma) of less than 10 mm which is over 40% lower than conventional helmets.

Also on display was the new Multi Accessory Connector System from MKU. MACS is an integrated all in one mounting system which adds the capability and versatility of mounting multiple devices on the much safer Bolt Free helmet.