Istanbul. 30 April 2019. IDEF International Defense Industry Fair, which has been organized under the management and responsibility of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV) since 1993, initially served the purpose of introducing the national defense industry to the world and increasing its international competitiveness. In a short time, it has become an important international promotion, marketing and cooperation platform in the fields of defense, security, maritime, aerospace industry and has become one of the biggest defense industry fairs in the world in terms of number of exhibitors and delegations.

In IDEF (International Defense Industry Fair), which is hosted by the Turkish Ministry of National Defense, under the management and responsibility of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation in 1993, and is run every two years; The most modern tools, materials and systems produced in the fields of defense, security, marine, aerospace industry are exhibited. In this way, technological developments in these sectors; delegations, firms and visitors can be followed. Because of these functions, IDEF is one of the most important international defense industry cooperation and promotion platforms in the world. 
IDEF 2019, which will be held under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey from 30 April to 03 May 2019, will be a meeting point for the delegations and companies from all over the world as it has been before.

The introduction of high technology defense industry products in Turkey and abroad and presenting them to the authorities is also of great importance. In this context, I am confident that IDEF, one of the world’s leading advertising platforms, will continue to meet the requirements of the participating companies. 

More importantly; The contacts to be established between the Turkish authorities and domestic / foreign firms will be contributed to regional and global peace. IDEF will continue to host numerous bilateral and multilateral cooperation talks and agreements in the field of international defense industry.

On the occasion of IDEF 2019, as the Ministry of National Defense, we will be pleased to see all the companies operating in this sector in Istanbul as well as the official delegations of the friendly and allied countries on the occasion of IDEF 2019 and we will continue to provide all kinds of support for the success of IDEF. I would like to indicate.