Col ® Francis Bordachar, Military Advisor, MBDA, Briefing Chaitali Bag, ADU At IDEX 2019. (Transcribed Video)

“We present to you the new generation, fifth generation anti tank systems so there may be the classic, the system will be five kilometers, day and nights and  we have the capability to engage targets, find moles, find observers, and to keep every time the man in the loop. In this case we developed this system which is organized around the main charge, capabilities to perforate T90s from the Rochelle for instance, but also they are to be used in human fighting, to punch a wall, to clean a room or to kill people in the room or inside the car. On the screen you can see for instance that we can use it on the ship, we can use it from sea to sea, from sea to the shore and you can embed it on vehicles. You can see that there is a turret on some robots like on the TVs on the Estonian stands. So you have all package of systems and all capability of use on the field.

I will introduce you to the ATLAS MISTRAL system. This is a MISTRAL anti tank system which is adapted from the turrets, would be remote controlled, from the post of the driver or besides the driver from an armoured vehicle. In this system you can intercept fighters at a range of 6.5 kilometers and slow moving targets with the helicopters, transporter aircraft at a range of 8 kilometers. Day and night you have the camera, you have the coordinates that are to set the command in control and give you targets and you can engage the targets You can see on the screen just behind me, all the interest of the system you can manage to local picture, you can engage targets through the joysticks and you can control the screen that you reach the target. So all the system is inside one vehicle, Turettes and command in control.”