. 20TH Battalion The Jat Regiment

New Delhi. 27 January 2019. On the night of 23 May 2018, eight militants attempted an infiltration across Line of Control in Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir.  At 0400 hours on 24 May 2018 Major Tushar Gauba laid an ambush to deny exfiltration to the terrorists. On night of 25 May terrorists tried to exfiltrate. Showing presence of mind Major Tushar redeployed his ambush. At 0530 hours on 26 May terrorist group sensed the location of ambush led by Major Tushar and started indiscriminatory fire using automatic rifles and hand grenades in which Sepoy Sunil Kumar sustained splinter injuries. Major Tushar Gauba immediately evacuated his injured colleague, while continuously firing on the terrorists and pinning them down. As the firefight progressed, Major Tushar Gauba realized that he had to get closer to the hiding terrorists. Major Tushar Gauba crawled upto 20 meter close to the terrorists under heavy firing by terrorists. He lobbed a hand grenade and with utter disregard to his personal safety charged on the terrorists firing his weapon. In close combat undeterred by the terrorists fire he killed three militants.  

His act of unparallel bravery under heavy terrorist fire, tactical acumen and swift action to save his party resulted in elimination of three hardcore terrorist and no further casualty to own troops.

 For displaying this act of uncommon valour, Major Tushar Gauba is awarded “KIRTI CHAKRA”.