Transcribed Video.

I’m Lucas Isgro from Cetena, Cetena is an Italian company, that is a research centre of Fincantieri. Cetena is a company of Fincantieri group and I am the head of simulation solution business unit. In this moment here, we have an example of our product. We realise the simulation system for training and in this case, we present, our bridge simulator solution, in this case, we are inside the frigate, an Italian frigate and we can use our simulator, to train all the crew for the bridge and for all the rules inside the ship. In this moment, for example, I can increase the power of the engine and you can see, that the ship moves and we can use all the equipment of the bridge to drive. In this case, drive the ship and train the crew, on how to use this equipment. This is the atlas, this is the rudder radar console, the unclassified combat management system and the propulsion system. In this case, the propulsion is realised by another company of the Fincantieri group, called the, Seastema, lateralised the real equipment and the simulators for the same equipment. But the interesting thing of the simulator is, that we can modify all conditions of the simulator, to give the opportunity to the trainee, to test this ship, in every condition. For example, I can change from this station, that is the instructors station, I can, change all the conditions, for example, increase the wind, I can increase the sea state, and you can see that all change (it has become more violent). And also we integrate the VR helmet, you can see, what I can see, inside in this picture and when you take the helmet, you are inside the bridge in real lesson. The system that you see is called the Manta. Manta, is our software architecture and a suite of product for simulation in naval and coastal training system.