Istanbul. 28 February 2022. KEYVAN Aviation, Turkish based aviation company, announced that it has received a Type 1 DAT Provider Certificate from European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). This is the first essential step in qualifying KEYVAN Aviation to provide the Aeronautical and Navigation Database to the global customers when complying with the global requirement and EU regulations.

Securing the Type 1 DAT Certificate highlights that KEYVAN Aviation has all the professional infrastructure , capabilities, knowledge and complies to all safety and aeronautical data processing standards and regulations needed for aeronautical data analytic and navigation database processing and has proven full completion of stringent inspection by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

By receiving Type 1 DAT Provider Certificate , KEYVAN Aviation becomes first and only company in Turkey and 4th globally who approved by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to process and delivery Aeronautical and navigation database to the customers in ARINC 424 standard format. with this achievement , Turkey is one of 4 countries (USA, Switzerland, France and Turkey) globally to have developed approved Aeronautical data processing and able to offer the Navigation database to local and international customers.

Aeronautical and Navigation database processed by KEYVAN Aviation , included with full worldwide coverage , and around 18200 airports , 29380 runway and 232650 waypoint and much more operational procedures which make a sum of around 3 million data lines and updated every 28 days. KEYVAN Aviation’s team working with 195 countries to receive their updated information and changes every cycle and make them ready for data analytic team and quality checks.

To receive the certificate , company need a well-trained and experienced team that is accredited by the approval authority , comprehensive expertise and a reliable organization structure. KEYVAN aviation implemented an unique inhouse training and competency system which enable the HR team to analyses the performance of each individual staff and offer them required training based on their position.

“ The Type 1 DAT Provider Certificate is an important milestone for our company and is proof of the know-how and experience we have developed in our organization. Although it is very challenging in setting up and launching such a system during the pandemic , obtaining the certificate during this time reflect our commitment to the aviation development of Turkey. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank my team and authority in the application processing .” emphasizes Mehmet Keyvan , CEO of KEYVAN Aviation.

The European Aviation Safety Agency approved TYPE 1 DAT Provider Certificate refers to providers that process aeronautical data and meet Data Quality Requirements for data users. The accuracy, resolution, integrity, traceability, timeliness, completeness, and compliance of the provided data with international standards, are guaranteed by certification. Aeronautical databases are based on the processing, and analysis of aeronautical information compiled by experts team from official government sources. As the provision of DAT is evaluated within the scope of air traffic management and air navigation services (ATM/ANS), it is necessary to be regulated and certified by international regulations. In this respect, as a result of the applications evaluated within the framework of the regulation by EU (European Union) for DAT providers, only a few database providers in the world received this certificate.

Keyvan Aviation is an aviation support and service company that works exclusively to support customers with innovative ideas, products, and solutions related to flight operation and data analytics. Aiming to provide high-quality services in aviation industry, Keyvan Aviation provides a wide range of services developed by combining digital innovation with the highest level of quality control and checks. Data services will use by Worldwide Avionics manufacturer companies , Flight Planning , Simulators manufacturer and operators and flight operation departments of airlines, airports , governments and for special operation. The Aeronautical and Navigation Database, which is among the company’s services, is the central core of the production line. Keyvan Aviation also offer consultancy services and route analyses services to the customers.

The mission of Keyvan Aviation Group is to provide worldwide data coverage with reliable data content analyzed by its experienced team.