• 416 new positions have been created in the DGCA
  • 10 new posts have been created in AERA
  • 796 positions of ATCOs have been created in the AAI

New Delhi. 07 July 2023. India has experienced a remarkable surge in the civil aviation sector, propelling it to become the third-largest market worldwide. With new airports coming into existence under the Greenfield Policy and more and more existing unserved/underserved airports being operationalized under the Regional Connectivity Scheme- Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik (UDAN) and induction of large number of aircraft by airline operators – the sector has finally taken off in the past 9 years.

This has also led to the emergence of an urgent requirement of more human resources to effectively respond to the industry’s burgeoning demands and enhance the institutional infrastructure.

Acknowledging this imperative, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has undertaken notable initiatives and devoted considerable resources to expand the workforce.

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA):

DGCA serves as the aviation safety regulator, responsible for regulating air transport services to, from, and within India. The DGCA is entrusted with enforcing civil air regulations, maintaining air safety and airworthiness standards, as well as overseeing the licensing and training of aviation personnel. The DGCA employs a team of qualified and experienced aircraft/aeronautical engineers, pilots, and air traffic controllers to carry out its regulatory and oversight functions. As a testament to these efforts, a total of 416 new positions have been established in the DGCA, which will help the aviation watchdog to provide a safe environment in the sector.

Airports Economic Regulatory Authority (AERA):

AERA is an independent regulatory body tasked with overseeing the economic regulation of airports in India. Its main objectives include creating a level playing field, fostering healthy competition among major airports, promoting investment in airport facilities, and regulating tariffs for aeronautical services. A total of 10 new posts have been created with the constant indulgence of the Ministry of Civil Aviation for expeditious discharge of functions by AERA.

Airports Authority of India (AAI)

AAI is a statutory authority responsible for the management, development, and operation of airports throughout the country. It plays a vital role in the infrastructure development of airports across India and is the sole provider of Air Navigation Services which is a sovereign function entrusted to AAI. Ensuring that an adequate number of Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCO), particularly during the unprecedented growth of the Civil Aviation sector became a priority for the Ministry of Civil Aviation. The shortage of ATCOs could have attracted adverse remarks from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and could have impacted India’s global ranking and passenger safety. Keeping the importance of having sufficient ATCOs for the Civil Aviation Sector in the country, 796 positions of ATCOs in the AAI have been created since July 2021 which will ensure safe navigation services in the country.

Overview of total posts created:

S. No. Organization Add. Post created
1 AAI (ATCOs) 796
2 DGCA 416
3 AERA 10
Total 1,222

By bolstering the manpower in the aviation ecosystem, the Ministry aims to ensure that the industry’s requirements are effectively addressed. This strategic increase in personnel will significantly contribute to ensuring compliance with safety standards by various industry stakeholders and maintaining the safety of air travel in India.