Indian Coast Guard & ReCAAPNew Delhi. 11 December 2017. Indian Coast Guard is co-hosting the Capacity Building Workshop with ReCAAP Information Sharing. Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia(ReCAAP) is the first regional Government-to-Government agreement to deal with piracy and armed robbery at sea in Asia. 

 Presently 20 countries are members of ReCAAP. India has played an active role in the setting up and functioning of ReCAAP along with Japan and Singapore. Govt of India has designated the Indian Coast Guard as the Focal Point within India for ReCAAP. 

Indian Coast Guard & ReCAAPInformation Sharing, Capacity Building and mutual legal assistance are the three pillars of ReCAAP. Under the agreement, an Information Sharing Centre (ISC) has been established at Singapore to collate and disseminate the information among the Contracting Parties and the maritime community. Capacity Building Workshop is organized annually by ReCAAP ISC and is co-hosted by one of the contracting parties. The main objective of this Workshop is to share updated situation of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia and best practices of Asian countries. The Workshop also aims to deepen the knowledge of participants on various issues related with piracy and armed robbery such as international laws, prosecution process, forensics and emerging threats. 

While inaugurating the Workshop, DG Rajendra Singh, PTM, TM, Director General Indian Coast Guard, who is also the Indian Governor to the ReCAAP ISC Governing Council, recognized the efforts of ReCAAP ISC towards developing the cooperative framework to address the menace of piracy and armed robbery and facilitating information exchange between various stake holders. He also highlighted that Capacity building is one of the most significant pillars of cooperation in the ReCAAP. 

Indian Coast Guard & ReCAAPThe guest of honour,  Malini Shankar, Director General of Shipping appreciated the significant role played by the ICG and ReCAAP ISC in keeping Indian Waters safe from the menace of piracy and armed robbery. Mr. Masafumi Kuroki, Executive Director, ReCAAP ISC in his opening remarks recognized the steps taken by Indian Agencies including Indian Coast Guard to ensure safe and secure seas for the seafarers. He also conveyed that information sharing is a shared responsibility of the governments and the shipping industry and the purpose of information sharing would be better served if it is accurate and timely. 

A total of 34 International delegates from 17 countries alongwith participants from national agencies, ministerial and diplomatic staff attended the workshop.