Aero VodochodyPrague. 13 May 2020. Like any other company on international market, AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE is confronted with unforeseeable impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The management of Aero decided to keep the company running and operational in all activities: MRO, aerostructures, and the L-39NG project.

The company fully continues its L-39NG activities with target to achieve certification in September 2020. The aerostructures programs are naturally more impacted by the pandemic of the coronavirus due to production shortage of some customers or due to lack of parts and material deliveries from suppliers, which has stronger impact to commercial programs due to their higher production cadences. The running MRO business as defence business, proven by previous crises, is subject to different cycles and patterns than civil aviation and is much more resilient.  Furthermore AERO has a very high backlog on MRO business. However, like for almost all aviation companies it will be impossible for Aero to meet the targets originally set for 2020 prior the crisis.

Since beginning of COVID-19 governmental measures, Aero has implemented a comprehensive package of hygienic, safety, technical and personnel measures to minimize the risks of a pandemic situation and to ensure conditions for business continuity.