• IAI will display several relevant and advanced systems, including: Barak Air and Missile Defense System, VTOL capabilities, Drone Guard and more.
IAI to Participate in EXPODEFENSA 2021 in Colombia

Tel-a-Viv. 23 November 2021. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) looks forward to participating in EXPODEFENSA 2021 in Bogota Colombia. This year IAI is eager to promote several of our advanced systems, including: The Barak Air and Missile Defense System, IAI’s VTOL capabilities, Drone Guard and Granite Vehicles.

The Barak MX Air & Missile Defense System developed by IAI’s is one of the world’s advanced operational air defense systems, used by IDF naval forces and the Indian Land, Navy and Air Force, and more. The Barak MX Air & Missile Defense System provides both wide-area and targeted defense capabilities to an array of threats, including: land, air and sea. The system aggregates several key cutting-edge systems: digital radar, weapon control system, launchers, and a range of interceptors for different ranges with advanced homing devices, data-link communication and system wide connectivity. Developed by IAI, the Barak family includes various range interceptors- 35 km, 70 km, and 150 km, and combines the capability to intercept various air defense threats from naval and land platforms.

IAI is also a leader in border protection and intelligence. IAI’s ELI-3302 GRANITE ISRV is a family of modular, mobile, day and night integrated Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Vehicles (ISRV), capable of operating in rough terrain and performing ISR missions in all-weather conditions. The GRANITE detects, identifies and tracks targets in areas of interest and creates a real-time situational awareness picture. The high mobility GRANITE ISRV can be rapidly deployed in any terrain and operated either independently or as a part of a central network, making it ideally suited for covert support of maneuvering forces or border protection, for military, para-military and policing security missions.

In addition, IAI is excited to display VTOL capabilities at the EXPODEFENSA exhibition. IAI will display the WanderB VTOL-UAS solution, developed by IAI’s partial subsidiary, BlueBird Systems. This past June IAI and BlueBird delivered over 100 VTOL systems to a customer in Europe. The transaction signified the largest VTOL delivery ever. The WanderB is an innovative and versatile system for conducting covert, real-time extended range and endurance, day-and-night Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) operations, providing rapid, GPS marked, High-Definition (HD) video, photogrammetric tactical mapping on demand (TMOD) and additional intelligence assets.

Drone Guard system

IAI is also well-renowned as a global developer and manufacturer or radar technology. IAI’s Drone Guard system handles hundreds of targets simultaneously and provides a solution to multiple evolving threats Worldwide. The system’s advantage derives from the multi-layer implementation concept using a high-resolution 3D X-Band radar a key for drone-detection, an integrated COMIN ESM, multi-channel jamming and high resolution EO/IR with integrated AI capabilities. Drone Guard is a comprehensive solution for protection of all kind installations as well as maneuvering forces.