New Delhi. 27 October 2016 . Airbus has recognized Honeywell for its Weather on Board technology at the Airbus Best in Class Partner Awards 2016.

The awards ceremony took place in Hamburg, Germany, recently  at the annual Supplier Conference dinner where Airbus presented seven suppliers with awards to recognize their outstanding contribution over the past year.

Honeywell’s Weather on Board application helps airlines improve flight safety, increase pilot efficiency and maximize passenger comfort. Initiated as part of the Single European Sky ATM Research project, the application helps flight crews share and receive data from a tablet device inside the cockpit so they can make better-informed decisions based on real-time weather updates.

The Weather on Board for FlySmart with Airbus is a tailored solution based on Honeywell’s Weather Information Service mobile application, which was first introduced in April 2015. Unlike older-style paper methods that use printouts containing static information, the real-time application displays vertical and horizontal current and forecast weather data to help pilots improve awareness of their environment throughout a flight.

Honeywell’s updated version that will include vertical optimization of the filed flight plan based on current weather and aircraft performance data will be available in early 2017.