New Delhi. 21 August 2018. Many parts of Kerala continue to be affected by landslides and floods. Indian Air Force responded immediately to the crisis in extending all possible assistance to the residents of Kerala through Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief (HADR) missions. Concerted efforts were made by IAF in rescuing stranded people from the flooded areas. Ladies, children, elderly people and residents were winched from the rooftops of submerged houses to safety by IAF helicopters. Till date, IAF has rescued 663 people. IAF helicopters have also dropped of food and water packets to the stranded people in the affected areas. Transport aircraft from all corners of the country have been flying day and night to ensure relief material is available in the relief camps.

Since yesterday, water has started receding from the flood affected districts. Today, IAF reduced the rescue effort and has increased the relief operations. Till date 974 T of relief material has been airlifted to Kerala state. Medical teams from Southern Air Command and Training Command have been deployed at various places to provide medical assistance. In addition, No 1 Rapid Action Medical Team (RAMT) has been airlifted from Command Hospital Air Force Bengaluru to Thiruvanathapuram to assist in the medical relief efforts to the residents of Kerala. RAMT has the capability to provide both medical and surgical emergency medical care. Additionally, 119 Doctors with 63 T of medicine and equipment has been airlifted to Kochi and Thiruvanathapuram for further positioning at various medical camps.