New Delhi. 27 July 2017.  A large scale Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) exercise by Indian Air Force involving more than 20 Medium Helicopter (MLH) and 05 Chetak Helicopter is still going on in the Flood affected areas of Gujarat/Rajasthan.

Communication nodes have been set up at Deesa and Mehsana.  In addition one Low Level Light Weight Radar (LLLWR) is currently being airlifted from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. This radar will then be moved to Deesa and be used to deconflict the helicopter traffic in the vicinity of Deesa.

The details of the helicopters pressed in to HADR mission and HADR efforts have been tabulated below :-



Medium Lift  Helicopters (MLH)

(Mi-8/17 Class – 10 to 20 Passengers)


(2-4 Passengers)





9 One helicopter will be repositioned at Mehsana after the day’s operations
Ahmedabad 3
Phalodi 1
Jodhpur 4
Uttarlai 2
Jamnagar 4
Mehsana 1 1
Total 20 5
Standby 2 1

HADR Effort.

State For the Day




Flg Hrs Pax Food Packets (Tonnes) Sorties Flg Hrs Pax Food Packets (Tonnes)
Gujarat 20 13:05 306 5.67T 69 63:40 506 9.37T
Rajasthan 11 06:20 00 0.25T 27 18:25 09 0.25T
Total 31 19.25 306 5.92T 96 82:05 515 9.62T

A dedicated HADR Cell is established at Gandhinagar which is the HQ of the South Western Air Command.  Regular contact is maintained with the State Emergency Op Centre (SEOC) and other stakeholders.