• Builds on company’s purpose “to lift people up” by committing $20M to expand Next Engineers, $2M to workforce development, and $2M to disaster relief

New Delhi. 09 May 2024. GE Aerospace recently announced the launch of the GE Aerospace Foundation, celebrating a new chapter that builds on the more than 100 year-legacy of the previous GE Foundation. The GE Aerospace Foundation’s philanthropic strategy and programs will help fulfill the company’s purpose to “lift people up” in GE Aerospace communities, with a focus on workforce development, disaster relief and amplifying the efforts of GE Aerospace employees.

In South Asia, GE Aerospace Foundation will continue to work with local partners to support disaster relief, education and healthcare for underprivileged communities. South Asia has received US $ 1.2 million in total Foundation related giving over the past 10 years which includes grants and related programming. These have benefited affected communities in Bangalore, Pune and other parts of South Asia.

“The responsibility to support and strengthen the communities where we live and work is one that GE Aerospace takes seriously,” said GE Aerospace Chairman and CEO H. Lawrence Culp, Jr. “The launch of the GE Aerospace Foundation will help transform local communities and develop a stronger workforce for the future by leveraging our unique expertise as a global leading aerospace company. We are proud to carry on a 100-year legacy of positive impact, and I look forward to seeing the GE Aerospace Foundation continue to make a difference for many years to come.”

The Foundation’s programs will focus on three core areas and represent more than $22 million in new programming through 2030. Efforts will include cultivating a robust and diverse workforce in the manufacturing and engineering industries, investing in humanitarian and community programs that have demonstrated efficacy in global impact, and amplifying employee engagement worldwide.

“We are immensely proud to oversee this next chapter of philanthropic support with a focus on a stronger future workforce, disaster relief and amplifying employee giving,” said GE Aerospace Foundation President Meghan Thurlow. “We look forward to expanding our work supporting communities around the globe and advancing the development of a more diverse and skilled industry.”