Atlanta. 10 April 2019 .  Boeing and Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Company Limited (GAMECO) have signed an MRO services agreement to work together to provide MRO support in the Asia-Pacific region. Through this agreement Boeing will provide MRO maintenance training and access to maintenance data and technical support, while GAMECO commits to maintaining Boeing’s rigorous quality standards for MRO services.

“Working with GAMECO supports our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Ken Shaw, vice president of Supply Chain for Boeing Global Services. “By working with an MRO provider in the region, we can utilize their existing footprint and talent to best serve the needs of the local market.”

This agreement also bolsters GAMECO’s capabilities and maintenance support of Boeing airplanes.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for us, our employees and our customers. We are pleased to become a Boeing supplier, to support a broad range of new Boeing products and services, benefit from Boeing extensive experience and to offer new product specific training to our employees,” said Norbert Marx, CEO and general manager of GAMECO. “We look forward to collaborating in support of the comprehensive MRO needs across the market.”

With ongoing training provided by Boeing, GAMECO is expected to meet or exceed the requirements to be a Boeing supplier of enhanced composites and components repair capabilities, landing gear overhaul and other MRO services.