• The company has recently conducted successful demonstrations of its solutions in Latin America
FIDAE Exibition

Tel-a-viv. 28 March 2022. IMCO Industries Group, a leading provider of comprehensive defense and HLS solutions for air, ground, and maritime applications, will present its scalable Tactical Terrain Dominance Solutions at the FIDAE exhibition in Chile.

IMCO Group and partners’ field-proven scalable Tactical Terrain Dominance solutions combine multiple sensors, diverse manned and unmanned platforms, advanced video and communications systems and unique electro-optics, all managed and controlled by the centralized situation awareness video system (SAVS). Specifically tailored to meet the challenges of the defense, homeland security and civil markets, IMCO Group’s turn-key terrain dominance solutions enable rapid execution of the sensor-to-shooter cycle and support decision-makers to safely and precisely achieve the modern battlefield objectives.

IMCO Group’s stand at FIDAE will accommodate the latest and most advanced solutions of its subsidiaries and partner companies, including Nir-Or’s video systems, Blaze’s Mini UAS, Ex-Sight’s remotely controlled ground and maritime surface vehicles (UGVs and USVs), Colugo’s Windproof VTOL, Regulus’ Counter UAS (C-UAS) unique Spoofing system and Steadicopter’s Rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (RUAV).

Providing scalable tactical and operational superiority for Defense and HLS applications, IMCO Group’s solutions and their building blocks (that can be deployed and operated alone or as part of a larger, integrated system) are ideal for defense and security forces worldwide, and the company was honored to demonstrate them recently in Latin America.

Eitan Zait, IMCO Industries CEO: “As a leading integrator of comprehensive defense and HLS solutions, IMCO Group acts as a one-stop-shop for high-end defense and HLS solutions, providing its solutions to defense and HLS forces worldwide. We see how the demand for the solutions we are offering is growing in Latin America, and are confident that our solutions answer the needs of customers in this region.”

Founded in 1974, IMCO Industries Ltd. (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange TASE: IMCO) is a leading defense provider of comprehensive solutions for air, ground, and maritime applications. With advanced design, global mass production, and project management capabilities, IMCO Group offers unique Tactical Terrain Dominance solutions that demonstrate scalable tactical superiority using unmanned aerial, ground and maritime vehicles equipped with sensors and communication solutions, controlled by a central command center integrating a unique situational awareness video system.

IMCO is honored to hold the title of sole supplier to military and defense institutes, and has been a trusted manufacturer and supplier of the defense industry for nearly five decades. The company has been involved in generations of some of the most reliable fighting vehicles, including the Merkava tank and the Namer APC of the IDF.