HARROW, United Kingdom, June 09, 2016. Esterline is all set to showcase its Racal Acoustics RA7000 ELITE Hearing Protection System . Marking the European debut of the ELITE system at a defence exhibition, the equipment has recently been selected as the hearing protection and communication system of choice by the Estonian Army for use by troops travelling in the back of the new CV90 tracked vehicles.

aviationEstonian Signals corps officials have been integrating the ELITE system into the Estonian Tactical network and it will provide dismounted troops with the ability to communicate over three separate networks as well as the vehicle intercom. It will increase dismounted fighters’ capabilities, communications and hearing protection.

The ELITE Hearing Protection System provides up to 36dB of attenuation, ensuring that the wearer is able to work effectively and operate safely while fully protected from the high levels of noise typically found within tracked vehicles.

Developed for the defence, police, security and emergency services sectors, the ELITE system combines state-of-the-art hearing protection, advanced local area sound awareness, and secure communications in the one unit.

Designed in the U.K. the ELITE system also enables the user to hear two radio systems simultaneously. It is ruggedized to function in the most severe environmental conditions, including extreme heat, cold, wet or dust. The ELITE system is tailor-made for armed response units, counterterrorism operators, and SWAT teams.

“The feedback Racal has already received about the effectiveness of the ELITE system following extensive international trials has highlighted the system’s unique offering to the global defence and security sectors,” says Rob Harrison, Racal Acoustics product linemanager. “No other product available on the market today delivers the triple benefits of robust hearing protection and secure communications, while still providing the user with clear awareness of their surroundings, which is critical for decision-making in complex and dynamic situations.”

The new ELITE system is the latest product in a broad portfolio of hearing protection and communications equipment developed to support defence, security, policing and emergency services professionals around the world.