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New Delhi. October . It is a known fact that the rifle is the first and last friend of a soldier. Weapons are not only crucial but also need to be modern and state-of-he-art. Another requirement for the infantry soldier of today in the changed warfare techniques is of remotely operated ones. Powerful weapons add more muscles to a soldier. Indian Infantry is using many weapons, from big and long range to small and short range for a face to face fight. And the wishlist is still long. Lets take a look at the weapons the infantry soldier .

Pistol Auto 9mm 1ASemi-automatic pistol9mm ParabellumFlag of Canada.svg Canada
Flag of India.svg India
Standard issue side-arm of the Indian Army. Licensed copy of the Canadian Inglis 9mm pistol.
Glock 17Semi-automatic pistol9×19mm ParabellumFlag of Austria.svg AustriaStandard issue Special Forces pistol.
SAF Carbine 1ASub-machine gun9mm ParabellumFlag of India.svg India
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
Indian made Sterling L2A1 SMG. To be replaced by the MSMC.
SAF Carbine 2A1Sub-machine gun9mm ParabellumFlag of India.svg India
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
Silenced Carbine. To be replaced by the MSMC.
Micro-UziSub-machine gun9mm ParabellumFlag of Israel.svg IsraelFor use by Special Forces. Micro-Uzi variant used.[1]
1B1 INSASAssault rifle5.56mm NATOFlag of India.svg IndiaStandard issue weapon of the Indian Army. Replaced the 1A SLR. Folding 1B2 and fixed butt 1B1 variants used. Insas AR with full-auto selector lever along with the burst lever and black polymer furniture also being procured. Manufactured at Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli.
OFB 1A1 RiflesOFB 1C RiflesBattle rifle7.62×51mm NATOFlag of India.svg India
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium
Was the standard issue rifle of the Indian army and manufactured at Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli. Now being replaced by the INSAS. 1C full automatic variant used by mechanised infantry battalions as a firing port weapon on the BMP-2S Sarath Infantry fighting vehicle.
Ishapore 2A1 rifleReserve Weapon7.62mm NATOFlag of India.svg IndiaMost were phased out from service. Some retained for ceremonial purposes.
AKM[2]Assault rifle7.62x39mm Soviet Union
AKM fixed stock and AKMS under-folding stock variants used.
Arsenal Co. ARAssault rifle7.62x39mmFlag of Bulgaria.svg BulgariaBulgarian produced AK-47. Imported for police and paramilitary forces, used in some quantities by Army as well. AR fixed stock and AR-F under-folding stock variants used.
MPi-KMAssault rifle7.62x39mmFlag of East Germany.svg East GermanyEast German produced AKM.MPi-KM-72 fixed stock and MPi-KMS-72 side-folding stock variants used.Both bakelite and wooden lower handguard variants used.
Pistol Mitralieră model 1990Assault rifle7.62x39mmFlag of Romania.svg RomaniaRomanian version of the AKM. Palmswell lower handguard versions in use.
AK-103[3]Assault rifle7.62x39mmFlag of Russia.svg Russia
Vz. 58Assault rifle7.62x39mmFlag of the Czech Republic.svg CzechoslovakiaVz. 58 P fixed stock and Vz. 58 V side-folding stock variants used.
IMI Tavor TAR-21Assault rifle5.56mm NATOFlag of Israel.svg Israel3070 purchased for the Special Forces from Israel[4][5]
M4A1 CarbineCarbine5.56mm NATOFlag of the United States.svg United StatesBought under foreign military sales. For use by Indian Army Special Forces.
Dragunov SVD59Sniper rifle7.62x54mmR Soviet Union
Flag of India.svg India
Standard sniper rifle.
IMI Galil 7.62 SniperSniper Rifle7.62mm NATOFlag of Israel.svg IsraelFor use by Indian Army Special Forces.
Mauser SP66Sniper rifle7.62mm NATOFlag of Germany.png GermanyStandard bolt-action sniper rifle.
Denel NTW-20Anti-material rifle20x82mm and 20x110mm Hispano-SuizaFlag of South Africa.svg South AfricaBought in small numbers.
INSAS LMGLight machine gun5.56mm NATOFlag of India.svg IndiaLight machine gun derivative of the INSAS assault rifle. Both fixed and folding butt variants used. Newer INSAS LMG with black polymer furniture being procured. Manufactured at Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli.
MG 1BLight machine gun7.62mm NATOFlag of India.svg IndiaIndian made Bren.Currently being withdrawn from service.
MG 2A1MG 5AMG 6AGeneral purpose machine gun7.62mm NATOFlag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium
Flag of India.svg India
Indian made MAG 58. Also in service as the MG 5A (Co-axial) and MG 6A (Commander’s gun) with some armoured vehicles.
PKMGeneral purpose machine gun7.62x54mm Soviet UnionPK machine guns used as co-axial weapons in Russian produced T-90S BhishmaT-72M Ajeya and BMP-2S Sarath and used as general purpose machine gun. Also used by Special Forces as section LMG. Manufactured at Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli.
M2 BrowningHeavy machine gun.50 BMGFlag of the United States.svg United States
NSVHeavy machine gun12.7×108mm Soviet Union
KPVHeavy machine gun14.5×114mm Soviet Union
Grenade 36mmHand GrenadeFlag of India.svg IndiaFragmentation grenade which can be hand thrown or rifle launched from 1A SLR.
Multi Mode Grenade ShivalikHand grenade1.8 million ordered[6]Flag of India.svg IndiaThis modular grenade is available in Hand mode offensive, hand mode defensive and rifle mode. Types can be interchanged by changing outer sleeve. *[1] *[2]
GP-25Grenade launcher (40mm) Soviet Union
Multi Grenade Launcher 40mmGrenade launcher (40mm)Flag of India.svg IndiaSemiautomatic six shot 40mm x 46mm low velocity grenade launcher. Manufactured at Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli. *[3]
AGS-17 PlamyaAutomatic grenade launcher (30mm) Soviet Union
30 mm Auto Grenade LauncherAutomatic grenade launcher (30mm)Flag of India.svg IndiaReplacing the AGS-17 and being manufactured at Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli.
RCL Mk IIRecoilless rifle (84mm)Flag of India.svg India
Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden
Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle produced by OFB.
RCL Mk IIIRecoilless rifle (84mm)Flag of India.svg India
Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden
Lighter, updated version of the RCL Mk II.
106mm M-40A1Recoilless rifle3000+Flag of the United States.svg United States
RPO-A ShmelRocket LauncherFlag of Russia.svg Russia
OFB E1 51mmMortarFlag of India.svg India
OFB E1 81mmL16 81mm mortarMortar5000+Flag of India.svg IndiaFlag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
Flag of Canada.svg Canada
OFB E1 81mmHE Bomb
Smoke Bomb
Flag of India.svg India
OFB E1 120mmMortar
HE Bomb
Flag of India.svg India
120mm AM-50Mortar
HE Bomb
1500+Flag of France.svg France
160mm TampellaMortar200+Flag of Finland.svg Finland