Paris. 07 October 2020. ECA GROUP’s aWAP-MS wireless access point appeals to airlines and passengers alike due to its “Bring Your Own Device”-concept: An in-flight entertainment (IFE) service enabling passengers to use their own laptops and smartphones on-board, to avoid device sharing and thus possible contamination.

A regional aircraft market leader has referenced ECA Group’s aWAP-MS in their product catalogues. Their clients will therefore be able to choose ECA Group’s innovative IFE solution on their aircraft.

ECA Group’s aWAP-MS has a unique selling point: The “all-in-one”-device combines server and wireless access point in one compact and lightweight housing, which allows a quick and easy overnight installation. The aWAP-MS solution therefore corresponds perfectly with aircraft operating needs – boosting passenger service while keeping the investment low.

Clients can therefore – as usually – rely on ECA Group’s expertise, customization, scalability capabilities and quality of products