• New Hampshire-based KMC Systems, Inc. to assess ventilator designs

Fort Worth, Texas. 20 August 2020 . KMC Systems, Inc. (KMC), a New Hampshire-based subsidiary of Elbit Systems of America, has been selected by members of the Department of Defense – Defense Health Agency, United States Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office, and the Wright Brothers Institute to support the development and industrialization of ventilator designs to help combat COVID-19. Five matured ventilator designs were selected under the Vulcan-5 Ventilator Project, and KMC is currently assessing those designs for manufacturability, while confirming the availability of components.

KMC was selected for this role due to its experience designing and manufacturing in a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-regulated environment. KMC has recently finished the assessment of an emergency ventilator prototype developed by a team from the U.S. Navy at Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division.

Under the Vulcan-5 Ventilator Project, affordable designs for ventilators were sought that could resuscitate the damaged lung of a patient battling COVID-19. The Project’s goal is to ensure ventilators are available during spikes of COVID-19 cases, where patients’ lungs need assistance breathing and ventilators may be in short supply.

The Vulcan-5 Ventilator Project is sponsored by the U.S. Special Operations Command through the use of the Vulcan Innovation platform to accelerate the delivery of innovative solutions in the national security enterprise.

The Wright Brothers Institute is managing the funding provided by the U.S. government and coordinating with those participants that submitted the five selected ventilator designs.

“Our experience and expertise will help shape which designs are feasible for rapid delivery and, ultimately, help the country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Derek Kane, Vice President & General Manager of KMC. “We’re eager to support this effort to bring needed technology to medical facilities and patients at an unprecedented speed.”

“KMC has specialized in design and manufacturing for some of the leading medical devices and life sciences companies for the last four decades. It’s an honor that this Elbit Systems of America subsidiary can now apply its expertise to assist our country’s need for ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Raanan Horowitz, President and CEO of Elbit Systems of America. “Our company mission is to provide innovative solutions that protect and save lives, and the Vulcan-5 Ventilator Project demonstrates our workforce’s commitment to fulfil our mission using unique methods and non-traditional partnerships.”