Paris. 23  October 2018. Elbit Systems will showcase a range of maritime and naval solutions. With a comprehensive naval portfolio comprised of unmanned systems, maritime C4ISR technologies, protection and weapon systems, Elbit Systems technologies provide an integrated and highly processed tactical picture based on onboard and external sensor and operator data, support and control of ship combat activities, data link functions, task force management and other support functions.

Drawing on its extensive technological and operational experience in the area of unmanned systems, Elbit Systems offers integrated solutions including integration of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV) into the ship’s combat management system (CMS). The acquisition of Geospectrum Technologies adds unique solutions in the underwater domain to the company’s portfolio, mostly underwater acoustic surveillance and monitoring systems for Mine Counter Measures, Anti-Submarine Warfare, EEZ protection, littoral operations and coast guarding missions.

Elbit Systems’ Naval and Maritime security portfolio includes:

Seagull™ – an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV), equipped to perform versatile missions most notably Mine Counter Measures and Anti-Submarine Warfare.

Hermes™ 900 Maritime Patrol – a persistent long range unmanned Maritime surveillance system tailored for Naval and coast guard operations.

Skylark™ C – a ship-borne mini UAS specifically designed for a range of ship-based applications.

Airborne and ship-borne Electro Optic (EO) payloads including SPECTRO™ XR, and DCoMPASS™ (Digital Compact Multi Purpose Advanced Stabilized System).

ENTCS 2010 is a naval C4I system that provides comprehensive NCW and interoperability at naval force levels and at combined air-naval-army forces levels, based on high-end network management and radio solutions.

TIMNEX III – an Electronic Support Measure and Signal intelligence system providing an advanced and cost-effective intelligence collection capability for submarines.

NATACS 2020 – an on-board tactical Communication Intelligence and Direct finding system that provides a comprehensive Naval operational picture.

Air Keeper – a powerful package that converts transport and passenger aircraft into a special mission aircraft.

Coastal C4ISR System – an integrated coastal solution that includes interconnected sensor towers, naval command centers and maritime C4I capabilities.

TRAPS – a low frequency, variable-depth sonar for detection, tracking and classification of submarines, midget submarines, surface vessels and torpedoes.

Aqua Marine™ – modular naval Electronic Warfare suites providing situational awareness and protection for naval platforms operating in littoral and blue waters.

Naval Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) – a lightweight, fully stabilized dual-axis RCWS featuring a machine gun, fire control system and a modular EO suite.