Kualalumpur, Malaysia. 27 March 2022. Enterprise Control Systems (ECS) and TCI, the Radio Frequency (RF) and spectrum monitoring technology companies part of SPX Corporation, exhibit at this year’s Defence Services Asia Exhibition & Conference (stand 6154) with a focus on its new BLACKTALON counter-drone system.

BLACKTALON is part of a series of counter-drone solutions developed as a result of the partnership between ECS and TCI. It provides security agencies, CNI and defence organisations with critical RF-only drone detection, location and defeat capabilities – or the addition of radar and electro-optical sensors for more robust detection, tracking and target identification.

BLACKTALON incorporates radar and RF sensors for drone detection, identification, location and tracking; an electro-optical sensor for drone verification and video tracking; and a multi-channel RF inhibitor for drone defeat. Its capability is delivered using TRL9 systems, proven in combat operations through multiple deployments in hostile territories and the harshest environments.

ECS and TCI, under the SPX Corporation’s Communications Technology (“CommTech”) platform, are maturing capabilities to address evolving threats in the RF spectrum battlespace. Together they design and manufacture highly engineered tactical Data Links, RF detection and location systems and RF inhibitors, including counter-drone and counter RC-IED inhibitors. ECS and TCI provide a more holistic, yet increasingly customer-tailored solution for the full lifecycle of the broad range of its RF secure communications, detection and defeat solutions for Data Link and tactical SIGINT / COMINT solutions. Hardware and software integration across their offerings will ultimately optimise signals intelligence, paint a clearer battlefield common operational picture of the RF spectrum, and facilitate threat interdiction. Allowing for the full command of the RF spectrum battlespace.

ECS’ Claw RF inhibitor is also a focus for the DSA event. It is the RF defeat element for the BLACKTALON, which is currently deployed by security and defence organisations across the world to help address increasing malicious UAS use and threats. Additionally, the recently launched Tove RF Data Link – a lightweight, low-power, high-performance system able to carry out Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions in air, sea or on land, and over ranges of up to 100 kilometres – is also highlighted at the event.