ECA Group is proud to have been certified by the French Strategic Planning Committee (CSF) for Security Industries for two innovative projects that can contribute to secure events involving a large number of people.

security of major sporting events

The organization of major international events always represents a major challenge in terms of site security. With its expertise in the design of drones and in the planning of their missions, ECA Group offers two innovative solutions that will further push the boundaries of the security measures currently in place and considerably increase their effectiveness.


The first solution is based on the use of various autonomous land, air and naval robots, supervised through a single command and control center. Seamlessly connected to the other surveillance systems, it will integrate itself into the global security system. The drones will be equipped with electro-optical sensors capable of detecting suspicious individuals or vehicles. Adaptable to the circumstances, the drones can carry out missions such as detection, threat characterization or even neutralization if the risk is confirmed.

ECA Group

The proposed team of robots has been designed to effectively complement traditional means by increasing their area of coverage, density and persistence. The ability of ECA Group’ solution to control all drones from a single platform allows to optimize the number of operators required and thus to reconcile cost reduction with the strengthening of the security system.


The second solution will allow to secure harbour’s waters or other sea passages. For events organization and securing, it has become necessary to effectively and systematically inspect the submerged part of ships’ hulls in order to detect any abnormal objects attached onto it and which could represent a threat. However, this is currently only possible by mobilizing a significant number of divers and by examining the boats as they remain stationary. This approach is therefore incompatible with both the large number of boats expected during major event period and the time required to inspect.

Mobile Underwater Security Barrier

The Mobile Underwater Security Barrier – MUSB solution developed by ECA Group is a fixed installation that is simple to use. As the ship passes by, the submerged part of the system analyzes the hull using active acoustic sonars and transfers the images in real time to the surface station. Specific processing software enables operators to quickly detect a potential threat. This efficient system allows a limited number of operators to inspect the entire fleet, while avoiding congestion and offering a degree of security that cannot be achieved with today’s means.

These two solutions will be adapted in the future to many other situations, whether it be the organization of major events or the daily monitoring of strategic port facilities. Their development will be based on proven technologies, such as ECA Group’s portfolio of land, air and naval drones as well as robot mission planning and supervision software. This certification is therefore a recognition of the quality of ECA Group’s technological solutions and a proof of confidence in the ability of its teams to develop the security tools of tomorrow.