Leonardo press briefing on IC-UAS at IDEX 2019. (Transcribed Video).

A very strong model, this command and control is used for old activities that we are doing because this command and control that is based on a very important part that is PDS, which we are developing in our laboratories and it is called the DDS, Data Dissolution system and using DDS we have the possibility to plug different sensors and different effectors so we have the possibility wth this command and control, to have a kind of open architecture for counter drone solutions, so we have the possibility to put in this system, this architecture, the different kind of sensors, like radars, acoustic sensors, electro optics, in order to identify, in order to detect, in order to verify the threats, that are coming from the air, but also from the ground.

We can then give the possibility to the operators, to decide which kind of effectors, but we can also help the operator with some ongoings of target evaluation and weapon assigned, but again, all this season is open architecture, so let me say we are a family of seasons, a family of solutions and we can choose, depending on the situation , if we are in an operational situation for example we can have a kinetic effector or a jammer and we can also have different kinds of censors but if we are at the airport for example, we have to choose the right effectors because for example with the jammer we can have the possibility to jam, not only the drones but we can have the possibility for example to the noise, all the activities at the airport, but here again Leonardo has a good chance because as you know we have the knowledge of many hundreds of airports around the world, so we know the rules of the airport, so i think we know the activities the people perform at the airport, so there is possibility who knows in which frequencies we can operate and we have for example a jammer that we produce in UK, like the Guardian, which is a very famous jammer, where by means of filter we can decide in which frequency, we can jam the drones. Of course we have some way to capture the information about the frequencies that they are using but we also have other possibility, for example using the directions finder, again part of our solution, with the directions finder, we can verify from where the pilot of the drone is, so we have possibility to intervene, the possibility to arrive directly to the pilot, to the drone but we also have the possibility to take the control of the drones using the same frequency he is using, but as you know that drones are evolving day by day, a lot of drones have the possibility to pilot but they can also using the Weight Point, so another solution we have in our family is the possibility to spoof the system. In other words we can give a different position, different identification of the GPS, of the signal, that they come from GPS, we can change the weight point that we have inside during the navigation and we can have the possibility to drive the drones in a safety area.