Prague. 20 October 2022. The operation of industrial enterprises depends on reliable and secure communication environments. The industry is now completely dependent on communication technologies. A secure and robust environment is required for reliable operation. COLSYS – AUTOMATIK provides a complete range of services for industrial companies, from the mapping of the current situation of the system, including risk analysis, setting the design solution to the complete configuration parameters, and the delivery of the entire system including all services. At the same time, it helps to fulfill the processes of ISO 27001 and TISAX standards.

Underestimating the risks costs money. With the increase of modern technologies in industry, high demands are being placed on the reliability of the communication environment and new security topics are opening up to eliminate opportunities for cyber attacks.

Let experienced experts provide insight into your industrial communication systems. Risk analysis and solution proposals that combine reliability and robustness in terms of backup systems and security will lead to reliable operation assurance.

Those who are prepared are not surprised. This is doubly true here.