Orchard Park, New York, 11 July 2016 – Cobham introduces at the Farnborough International Air Show 2016 (Hall 4, Stand G68) an enhanced Electric Propulsion Xenon Regulator to the satellite industry that redefines what the market has to offer today.  Through on-going internal investment, the high-flow regulator has been redesigned and optimized to achieve a final product that is smaller and lighter than competitor offerings. Beyond making room for additional payload, it can flow 10 times higher than industry standard regulators enabling satellites to reach orbit faster.  Customer lead time and costs are reduced through the use of Additive Manufacturing techniques that enable design features previously unavailable with traditional machining methods.

“We’ve been a market leader in the space propulsion industry in the early days of satellite technology, and once again we are leading with the definition of a new standard for performance at higher flows and smaller envelope with our enhanced Xenon regulator,” said Stuart Buckley, Senior Director, Business Development and Sales at Cobham Mission Systems. “We also have the unique capability to couple the Xenon regulator with other components into an integrated assembly with drastically reduced size and weight. The integrated assembly eliminates weld tube stubs and can be altered to fit any configuration, making it extremely flexible and customizable.”  In addition to investing in other satellite propulsion technologies, such as high flow latching valves, proportional flow control, and miniature valves, Cobham is also currently developing launch vehicle propulsion check and relief valves that will help send NASA further into deep space.  These advanced technologies and other pneumatic products, including pyrovalves, service valves, and solenoid valves, can be leveraged to meet any performance or budget target. We also offer lightweight composite fuel tanks that allow for more payload and are available either off the shelf or tailored to your specifications.