New Delhi. 09 April 2019. Today at around 1030 Hrs Sub Inspector  M Rahman of CISF noticed suspicious movement of passenger namely  Selim Bepari, (Bangladesh National), PP No. BW0055990 at International Departure Terminal  of NSCBI Airport, Kolkata.  The matter was informed to the CISF duty personnel at International Security Hold Area.

During pre-embarkation security check of hand baggage of  Selim Bepari,   Sub Inspector  Sarwan Kumar Bhagat who was deployed as screener at  International SHA noticed the presence of currency in the baggage. The bag was subjected to physical check and  on checking  55000 USD  ( 550 x 100)  was found concealed in the artificially created false bottom of the bag and wrapped with black carbon papers.  The same was very difficult to detect through X ray screening, however by close and repeated watching and also after tearing the false bottom manually during physical checking the currency was recovered.

On tactful questioning of the passenger and on the basis of electronic surveillance, baggages of 02 more passengers were thoroughly checked and 92,100 USD were detected from the hand baggages of the passengers. The currency was concealed in the  same way  i.e. in the artificially created false bottom of the bag and wrapped with black carbon papers. 

The details of the passengers are as under :

i) MD. Sohag (Bangladesh National), PP No.BT0506336

36900 USD ( 369 x 100)

ii)         Abadul Sardar (Bangladesh National),  PP No.BY0162566

       55,200 USD (552x 100 ).

In the meantime at about 1230 Hrs, Asstt. Sub Inspector Vikram Gogna  observed suspicious movement of a group of passengers at International Departure Terminal and informed the matter to the CISF duty personnel at International Security Hold Area.  During screening of the hand baggages USD 4,69,200/- were found concealed in the hand baggage of under mentioned 03 passengers:

i)Mohammed Shohel Mahmud Shagor, (Bangladesh National)

PP No. BW0693559

                  2,08,700 USD ( 2087 x 100)  and 500 USD (10 x 50)

     Total=2,09,200 USD 

ii)Mony Kamrunnaher (Bangladesh National) PP No. (Bangladesh National)


70,000 USD (700×100)

iii)Sumon Shibli Mahmud, (Bangladesh National) PP No. BR0414942

                 1,90,000USD ( 1900 x100)

They had also concealed the currency  in the artificially created false bottom of the baggages  wrapped with black carbon papers to avoid detection. 

Later on the basis of  CCTV footage   observed by CISF Surveillance Team, one passenger namely Saiduzzaman Tuhin, (Bangladesh National), PP No. BC-0759859  was also intercepted at International SHA of NSCBI Airport Kolkata. On checking of hand baggage nothing objectionable was found however during tactful questioning, it was confirmed that he had concealed foreign currency in his check in baggage (Registered baggage).

Custom officials and Airline Officials were informed and the check in baggages (registered baggage) of said passenger were retrieved from the International BMA of NSCBI Airport Kolkata. On checking of the baggages, 1,27,000 USD ( 1270 x 100) were  recovered. The US Dollars were wrapped in  layers & were  covered with white papers and cello tape for concealment.

All the above mentioned passenger was supposed to travel to Dhaka by flight No BS204 STD 1250 hrs. The recovered 7,43,300 USD  of value INR 5,03,58,575 alongwith above mentioned 07 passengers were handed over to Custom for further investigation.