• The false rhetoric continues

New Delhi. 20 June 2020. “The Galwan Valley is located on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control in the west section of the China-India boundary. For many years, the Chinese border troops have been patrolling and on duty in this region. Since April this year, the Indian border troops have unilaterally and continuously built roads, bridges and other facilities at the LAC in the Galwan Valley. China has lodged representations and protests on multiple occasions but India has gone even further to cross the LAC and made provocations,” falsely claimed the spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, in the daily press conference.

Do we need to remind him that the false propaganda  will not fetch him any  pat on the back from the world? Galwan valley is adjacent to Indian territory of Aksai Chin controlled by China since 1962. Never was China worried about this region till India started the infrastructure development in its side . China’s major worry is a bridge that India is building across the Galwan nallah. So big brother China wants a tame Indian government which keeps away from the area but when it sees a government in New Delhi developing the area and making it accessible to its strategic location Beijing gets a pain in its neck. To increase this Chinese Sciatica the news is that Indian Army engineers have completed construction of a 60-metre bridge over Galwan river in Ladakh that China wanted to stop. This will consolidate India’s position across the 255 km long strategic road from Darbuk to Daulat Beg Oldie.

In an additional statement the Chinese Spokesperson Zhao Lijian  said,“I want to reiterate that the right and wrong of the severe situation in the Galwan Valley is very clear and the responsibility rests entirely with the Indian side.” The audacity is  beyond compare. First they wake up after half a century to the strategic importance of Galwan Valley , then blames India for the violent faceoff and violation of the agreement. A blatant lie.

His statement , “my information is that at present there are no Indian personnel detained on the Chinese side, ” is an attempt to project that at present they don’t have detainees but well they are not talking of the past one week.

Continuing with the lie he said, “On the early morning of May 6, the Indian border troops crossed the LAC by night, trespassed into China’s territory and built fortification and barricades, which impeded the patrol of Chinese border troops. They deliberately made provocations in an attempt to unilaterally change the status quo of control and management. The Chinese border troops were compelled to take necessary measures to respond to the situation on the ground and strengthen management and control in the border areas. In order to ease the situation, China and India have stayed in close communication through military and diplomatic channels. In response to the strong demand of the Chinese side, India agreed to withdraw the personnel who crossed the LAC and demolish the facilities, and so they did. On June 6, the border troops of both countries held a commander-level meeting and reached consensus on easing the situation. The Indian side promised that they would not cross the estuary of the Galwan river to patrol and build facilities and the two sides would discuss and decide phased withdrawal of troops through the meetings between officials on the ground.” If this was so why no statement was given by the overactive Chinese Spokesperson’s office on 6th May itself  and didn’t give one till more than a month? China has never been the one not to react and take things lying down.  We choose our time and our words is their policy and false claims their right. Such arrogance needs to be quashed down by the world in the international fora for China has more enemies than friends.