Paris. 13 June 2016. Founded in 1959, CEFA specialises in systems for military engineers and its main activities are engineering and manufacturing of military bridging systems and mechanical mine clearance systems.

EFA, Amphibious bridging and ferry system  is designed to support forward combats units within high‐intensify operational environments. Ready for use in a few minutes, this amphibious has a high mobility on land and water. It is a universal vehicle (ferry, raft and bridge). It is also efficient in case of flooding.

The EFA Export version is combat proven and reliable in Liddle Eastern environmental conditions. Its  main mission is to help for crossing operations thanks to his great versatility: navigation, mooring manoeuvres but also river surveillance. All these missions are carried out by a handling ability (360° rotatable pump jet). It is suitable for all climatic conditions and easy to launch from its carrier truck.

It is designed to withstand the explosion of 500g of plastic explosive (equivalent to 2 hand grenades). Thanks to his appearance it can integrate into any urban setting. This Anti‐ Bomb trash bin is not only for the protection of people in very busy places, like airports, but also for the protection of prestigious urban sites such as monuments and museums.

CEFA supports its products in France to maintain the equipment in operational condition, which is the priority of the French army. CEFA was awarded a 10 years’ maintenance contract with SIMMT which is the department of French Armored Forces, in charge of the land forces vehicles .