Sao Paulo/Brussels. 09 June 2023. Belgium’s Trade and Investment Agency WALLONIA EXPORT and the Parque Tecnológico São José dos Campos, Brazil’s main connector hub in the aerospace industry announced to grow tighter commercial partnerships in their OEM supply chain.

As the global aviation industry recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is optimism that better times are ahead. Yet, supply chains are reeling, and suppliers to aerospace manufacturers face a host of uncertainties that make finding a solution problematic, especially in the near term. The problems cascade throughout the aerospace industry and a pivot to a high-demand scenario is essential.

“SIAE Le Bourget is the natural meeting place for a global industry keen to connect, build relationships and access future commercial opportunity,” Willy Borsus, Minister of Trade & Economic Affairs, said. “We’ve been looking at ways to boost our presence in Latin America’s largest market, making sure that our standing with the rest of the world translates to the Brazilian market. This is an ideal destination for Belgian firms to connect with potential international customers and stakeholders.”

Belgium hosts nearly 75 companies at the BELGIUM AEROSPACE Pavilion, located at Hall 2b stand FG32.

The world’s top aircraft companies, aerospace corporations, defence companies choose Belgium for major operations.

Wallonia is the industry’s hot spot in Belgium, providing an ideal home for the aerospace industry, which spans subsectors from headquarters to manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. Numerous engineering and IT firms operate in Wallonia, advancing aerospace programs and developing new technologies. Major hubs of public and private R&D in Wallonia include Aerospacelab, Bridgestone, Dynali Helicopter Company, FN Herstal, SABCA, SAFRAN Aeroboosters, SABENA Aerospace, Solvay, SONACA, Spacebel, Thales Alenia, von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics and others.

“We’re thrilled to be working together,” says Daniela Villas Boas, Brazilian Aerospace Cluster Coordinator of the Sao Jose dos Campos Science Park, “Le Bourget is such a key event for the aerospace industry and a global leader in terms of innovation, networking and knowledge sharing. Our OEM companies have an excellent chance to take their seat at the top table here with Belgium, showcasing their first-class people, products and services.”

The Sao Jose dos Campos location hosts over 300 aerospace companies and is where EMBRAER has its head office. SONACA Brasil is also located here, a 600 staff subsidiary of Belgium’s aerostructure company of the same name.