Bangalore / Montoir de Bretagne, France. 06 April 2022. AXISCADES Technologies Ltd. announced the inauguration of a new office in Montoir de Bretagne, France. This new office will enable AXISCADES to provide effective engineering services to its partners and customers in France, as well as accelerate responsiveness to cater efficiently to the increasing customer demands and its diversification plans in the region.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, AXISCADES is India’s leading Engineering and Technology solutions company with 16 engineering centres worldwide and has established itself as a leading global player thus carving a niche in the ER&D industry. In addition to its presence across the globe with operations in North America, Europe, UK, India, and China, AXISCADES Technologies Ltd is strengthening its presence in the European market to reduce risk and provide efficient services to its clients in Europe, and diversify across industries in the region.

AXISCADES has been a strategic supplier and an extended engineering arm of Airbus Group for over a decade, contributing mainly to the areas of Design and development, Digitization, Plant engineering, Repairs, and Technical documentation involving all aircraft programs across manufacturing plants in Europe, the UK, and APAC.

While AXISCADES has supported a multitude of other customers in France for several years, the new engineering office in Montoir de Bretagne fulfils a strong aspiration to be in close proximity to local customers and partners, and aligns with a forward-facing approach to further increase market presence and facilitate continued expansion.

The new office in Montoir de Bretagne, France will create local employment opportunities and the company plans to leverage its proven learning and development platforms to help train local talent in key engineering skills.

Sudhakar Gande, Non-Executive Director, AXISCADES Technologies Ltd., who spoke at the inaugural event said, “The office opening in France is further evidence of the company’s commitment to bring comprehensive engineering capabilities to France. The new office is a great step with impact since there is certainly strong industrial potential in this region of France such as shipbuilding and renewable energies. Additionally, the region offers good availability of a skilled talent pool. It is clearly a great place for AXISCADES to scale up and diversify the France operations. We already have a well-established presence in France and now we look forward to accelerated growth and to providing an enhanced level of in-country support to present and potential new partners.”

Arun Krishnamurthi, MD & CEO, AXISCADES Technologies Ltd. said, “We are delighted to confirm our continuing growth trajectory in the European market. Being close to our partners, understanding their needs and absorbing knowledge about every aspect of their needs is our priority, and we invest time and resources to achieve this. This expansion is a way to better support our partners and be more open to a market that is particularly receptive to our innovative and technology solutions. Our international locations represent our strategic commitment to stand by our partners with local teams of experts and support.”

AXISCADES has a rich pedigree of close to 35 years focussed in the ER&D domain, bring expertise that caters to the engineering, technology, manufacturing and digital needs of fortune 100 clients in aerospace, defence, heavy engineering, automotive, energy & medical equipment sectors. With decades of experience AXISCADES delivers business value across the entire engineering lifecycle.