March 13, 2023. Aeronautics Group – a world leader in designing, developing and manufacturing comprehensive defense solutions focused on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), for the global defense, HLS markets – has launched its new brand.

The new brand introduces an exciting, edgy, up-to-date, modern look that reflects Aeronautics’ leadership, increasing competitiveness in the market, and commitment to its customers. The rebranding is the result of a strategic process that began three years ago, during which the company has grown significantly and taken a cutting-edge approach to every area of its operations: technology, human capital, and positioning the end-user at the center.  All of this is encompassed in a bold new tagline – “Your Edge in the Field“.

“Aeronautics’ sharp, powerful branding reflects the company’s continued commitment to being at the forefront of technology, and to provide our customers with the most innovative, world-class, comprehensive, uncrewed solutions, adapted to their needs,” says Galit Bloch- Zahavi, Global Marketing & Communications Director of Aeronautics. “The new design language positions Aeronautics at the global top. This has been a collaborative journey, involving all our teams. We look forward to taking Aeronautics into the future with advanced solutions for the ever-changing defense industry.”

“Our new brand is the result of a broad consultation with customers and employees in order to implement the most cutting-edge approach,” adds Matan Perry, CMO & VP Sales at Aeronautics. “It reflects the fact that we create precise solutions that focus on the needs of our end users.”