• 2Excel Aviation will deliver service using newly-acquired Diamond DA62 aircraft, with reduced environmental footprint
  • Three-year duration with capability to support military training in UK, Europe and deployments around the world
  • Future potential for technology upgrades during the lifetime of the contract

London. 14 September 2023. Delivering superb value-for-money for taxpayers, the flexible training is design to evolve to meet modern day threats and involves emulating fast jets, uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) and other aircraft which are called in by troops on the ground to strike targets, provide a ‘show of force’ or pattern of life above the battlefield. It is an essential requirement that key troops within UK Land and Marine forces develop and maintain their expertise and are ready for action when needed to protect the UK’s national interests.

2Excel and Metrea deploy high-tech, low-speed aircraft equipped with high-definition cameras, military grade navigation and communications systems and downlinks to provide a live emulation that looks and feels real to the troops on the ground and is much more cost-effective than using frontline aircraft.

2Excel has recently acquired new Diamond DA62 aircraft to supplement its existing PA-31 Navajo fleet alongside a Cessna 406 from Metrea to deliver this critical service.

Chris Norton, Co-founder and Director of 2Excel, said:

“Supporting our military colleagues in maintaining their readiness at home and abroad is in our DNA and heritage. We are proud to have been selected to continue supporting the training of troops on the ground with Close Air Support and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance emulation, a task we’ve been delivering for the past 16 years. Our experienced and accredited ex-military pilots support this training so that Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) can experience real-world friction and the environmental challenges that exist during live operations.”