New Delhi: 20 ITBP officials have been announced to be conferred with Police Medals on the occasion of 76th Independence Day, 2022 with 06 Police Medal for Gallantry (PMG), 03 with President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service and 11 with Police Medal for Meritorious service.


06 ITBP personnel have been awarded with PMG for bravery for Anti-Naxal Operations in Rajnandgaon District, Chhattisgarh. On 14 January, 2018 AC/GD Amit Kumar, Head Constable/GD Hamesh Kumar & Constable/GD Shakti Kumar of 38th Battalion, ITBP fought bravely in an operation in which a top naxal commander Gundadhur @ Raju Dantewada carrying a bounty of Rs. 3,00,000/- was killed.

In another operation on 30 June, 2020 AC/GD Prabhat Mukul Martin Minz, ASI/GD Kuldip Raj and Constable/GD Brahm Chandra of 40th Battalion, ITBP apprehended an injured naxal who was later identified as David alias Umesh alias Baliram Uikey, a naxal Commander.


(A)     Police Medal for Gallantry:


  1. Sh. Prabhat Mukul Martin Minz, AC/GD
  2. Sh. Kuldip Raj, ASI/GD
  3. Sh. Brahm Chandra, Constable/GD
  4. Sh. Amit Kumar, AC/GD
  5. Sh. Hamesh Kumar. Head Constable/GD
  6. Sh. Shakti Kumar, Constable/GD


(B)     President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service:-


  1. Sh. Rajesh Sawhney, Commandant
  2. Sh. Mahendra Singh, Assistant Commandant (Office)
  3. Sh. Ishwar Singh, Inspector (GD)


(C)     Police Medal for Meritorious Service:-


  1. Sh. Anil Kumar Phool, DIG
  2. Sh. Umesh Chandra Badola, Second-In Command
  3. Sh. Rajpal Singh Kandari, Assistant Commandant (Office)
  4. Sh. Pyare Lal, Inspector (GD)
  5. Sh. Sant Ram Yadav, Inspector (GD)
  6. Sh. Babu Ram Chauhan, Inspector (GD)
  7. Sh. Pawan Kumar, Inspector (Tele)
  8. Sh. Roop Chand, ASI (GD)
  9. Sh. Shiv Singh, ASI (GD)
  10. Sh. Rajender Singh, Inspector (AT)
  11. Sh. Ram Singh, Inspector (CM)

Dr. S. L. Thaosen, DG, ITBP has conveyed his congratulations to the medalists.

(Vivek Kumar Pandey)

Public Relations Officer

Directorate General, ITBP