1718 – France, Britain and Austria declare war on Spain (War of the Quadruple Alliance 1718–1720)

1777 – France recognizes independence of British colonies in America

1900 – 1st prize of 100,00 francs offered for communications with extraterrestrials. Martians excluded-considered too easy

1903 – At 10:35 AM, 1st sustained motorized aircraft flight (Orville Wright)

1927 – US submarine S-4 sinks after collision killing all 34 aboard

1935 – First flight of the Douglas DC-3 (C-47 Skytrain/Dakota) airplane.

1938 – Discovery of nuclear fission using uranium by Otto Hahn and his assistant Fritz Strassmann

1969 – USAF closes Project Blue Book, concluding no evidence of extraterrestrial spaceships behind thousands of UFO sightings

1971 – Cease fire between India & Pakistan in Kashmir

1971 – Radio Bangladesh begins transmitting

1972 – New line of control agreed to in Kashmir between India & Pakistan

1994 – KLM’s last DC-10 goes out of service

2003 – SpaceShipOne flight 11P, piloted by Brian Binnie, makes its first supersonic flight.

2012 – NASA completes a successful mission to map the Moon’s gravity field