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14th January in History

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1784 – The United States ratified a peace treaty with England ending the Revolutionary War.

1873 – John Hyatt’s 1869 invention ‘Celluloid’ was registered as a trademark.

1878 – Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated the telephone for Britain’s Queen Victoria.

1914 – The Gandhi-Smuts Agreement is reached between Gen. J.C. Smuts and Mahatma Gandhi, regarding voluntary registration, poll tax, recognition of Indian marriages and other matters

1960 – US Army promoted Elvis Presley to Sergeant

1969 – 25 members of US aircraft carrier Enterprise die during maneuvers

1969 – An explosion aboard the USS Enterprise near Hawaii kills 27 people.

1975 – USSR breaks trade agreement with US

1994 – Russian manned space craft TM-17, lands

1994 – U.S. President Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed Kremlin accords to stop aiming missiles at any nation and to dismantle the nuclear arsenal of Ukraine.

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