Monaco, 6 June 2023, It is a turning point in the history of the space sector: Venturi has literally reinvented the wheel. The Swiss engineers, chemists, and physicists of Venturi Lab have created a unique hyper-deformable lunar wheel. It will be fitted to Venturi Astrolab’s FLEX rover. The vehicle, which will initially be used to transport and deploy payloads, will be landed on the surface of the Moon in 2026 by SpaceX.

With the exception of the Apollo missions, every other vehicle in the history of space exploration has been equipped with rigid wheels. The wheel that Venturi is set to unveil at the opening of the Paris Air Show is capable of changing shape significantly while remaining durable and robust.

This new technological design, made from unique materials, represents a breakthrough as important as the rubber tyre (and later the pneumatic tyre) proved to be in the 19th century.

From 2026, when FLEX enters service in the extreme temperatures (-90°C to -230°C) of the Moon’s south pole, the four wheels bearing the 2-tonne vehicle (including payload) will absorb the surface irregularities by changing shape, as FLEX travels at 20 km/h. How? Find out by visiting the Venturi stand (static stand B4) on Monday 19 June at 10.00, where FLEX will also be on display.