digital carnival

Mumbai. 08 July 2020. In the series of disasters that 2020 has faced so far, none have been more impactful than the sudden global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). A virus that’s easily transmitted between humans, the widespread fear of contracting COVID-19 has made everyone think twice about stepping out of their house for anything besides essential goods. Understanding the anxiety of these challenging times, CSMIA launched a first-of-its-kind digital carnival helping passengers explore the uncharted realms of North East India from the comfort of their homes.

Jaya He New Museum

Jaya He New Museum, India’s largest public art initiative, is no stranger to the carnival backdrop. Its first edition ‘Phaaolkhuna – Imprints of Maharashtra’, launched last year, saw lakhs of passengers enjoying the festival activities on ground at the airport. Given the current scenario, the airport hosts its second edition, Utsara 2020, digitally and aims to celebrate the cultural diversity of North East India. In collaboration with Anvaya, content partner, and Kathanika, storytelling partner, the festival takes viewers through the Kaleidoscopic assemblage of various North Eastern culture, festivals, cuisines, art forms and more, just by visiting the social media handles of Jaya He Museum.

North East Tribes

Expand Your Horizons
The prestige beauty of the North East and its Tribes are still undiscovered and untouched. The Jaya HE carnival focuses on the diverse tribes of the North East that bring positive elements that are absent in mainstream National Culture. The carnival highlights the foundations laid by the different tribes which have helped conserve not only traditions and beliefs, but also the biodiversity of North East India. Tribes such as Khasi, Jaintia (Pnar) and Garo of Meghalaya, Angami, Konyak in Nagaland and Bodo, Deori in Assam are some of the tribes focused on at the festival. Utsara is displaying the different cultural colours the tribes help bring to the North east with their traditions, arts, cuisines, and tales.


Tease Your Tastebuds
The local cuisines and delicacies of the North East are a symphony of flavour that are marvels of freshness and simplicity. Utsara is helping you connect with the culture and indulge in the local flavours of the North East right at your home with exciting recipes to try and feel the taste of the North East in your own backyard. Food operates as an expression of cultural identity, and the carnival is showcasing the emotional connect between the different states and their food as well as aims at connecting passengers around the world with their love for food. Enjoy the preparation discovery and origins of cuisines of different tribes from comfort foods such as the Aloo Pitika to the assortment of flavors in dishes cooked with Axone and beverages from the best Assamese tea to the Apong/ Xaj pani which is the rice beer at the Jaya HE carnival which will definitely help you sail through the ongoing crisis and keep your taste buds happy.

Experience New Cultures

Experience New Cultures
North East has a vibrant array of art and culture which contributes to the richness and variety of the Indian culture. Utsara brings to the world and especially the people of India through their social media platforms this vibrant array of the North East, and how they have helped instill values and translate experiences across time. The festival focuses on various art forms such as painting, architecture, music, jewelry, and their textile work from different tribes of the North Eastern states. It takes a deep dive into the vigorous art and craft traditions of different tribes and how they excel in craftmanship which bring various elements into the culture and characterizes the way of life of different North East states.

Indulge Your Inner Child

Indulge Your Inner Child
Utsara is focusing on the 8 North East states of India and is providing a window to its passengers with valuable insights into the communities of the North East through their Folk Tales. Storyteller Sherline Pimenta, beautifully recites the Folk tales of different North East regions that helps understand the society’s customs, attitudes, values, and philosophies. The Carnival will help you unwind at home during the lockdown with stories on the Ow Tenga princess, tale of Ondaa the fisherman and Rangeet and Teesta, the two big rivers of Sikkim amongst many others which are gracefully captured at the festival

Fix Your Future Travel Bucket List
The North East of India is home to some of the most beautiful places in the country and a land filled with unearthly wonders. The ‘Utsara’ carnival along with the culture and traditions of different North East states is giving its passengers a peek at the marvelous creations of North East’s beauty to look forward to. From the beautiful Yumthang and Kathmandu valleys to the Rumtek Monastery as well as the Gurudongmar Lake amongst a few, the carnival makes you look forward to adding adventures in your bucket list and give content to your gram.
CSMIA is helping you get travel ready once the crisis ends with its deep insight into the unexplored tribes, their traditions, and majestic terrains of North East India. You can visit the Instagram and Facebook page of Jaya He Museum to experience the beauty of North East India.