defenceBy Brig.VK Atray
New Delhi. 21 September 2016.
Uri is not the first catastrophe in our recent history – Mumbai, Kargil, Pathankot and many Kupwadas have been experienced over the years. However, this inhuman, unprecedented use of incendiaries and the resultant casualties has shaken up every Indian.
Unfortunately the media and politicians are exploiting this episode by degrading, defaming and thereby demoralizing the armed forces. They forget that the same organization is the last hope for every Indian. The action of the Government to constantly lower the status of armed forces has not resulted in their demoralization as they are the final resort to maintain the integrity of the country. It is perhaps their unit traditions, leadership and camaraderie which has kept them above board.

defenceThat brings us to the core issue –there are various options available to our nation to respond to this action of from across our border. These have been recently discussed in the media and their implications are well known. Crossing the LOC at any level may give cause for escalation resulting in a war situation with international repercussions. Moreover, the state of our logistic preparedness and the low probability of active support even from US or Russia and considering China’s relations with Pakistan, besides retardation of our developmental projects would further rule out this option. Similar terrorist actions from our side would also not be advocated as we are a mature nation and should not venture in resorting to such measures which would sully our international reputation and relations.

candleBased on interactions with experts on the doctrines of warfare and diplomacy it would, therefore, be preferable to pursue an all out diplomatic offensive in order to isolate Pakistan in the international arena. However, our defence forces should also be allowed a free hand as a counter measure to operate at their discretion within their area of responsibility – without crossing the border. If pursued effectively this should have the resultant and desired effects on Pakistan.

In addition to the above, all concessions, facilities, namely, trade, visa, bus service etc should be stopped forthwith . All Kashmiri separatist leaders be rounded up, interned and their property and accounts be seized and investigated.

defenceThe nation is with the Army and the martyrs. Candle marches and condolence meetings have become part of our lives. The unknown soldiers who laid their lives for our security have become our family members. The feeling of revenge is like it would have been in case of such a tragedy had struck one’s own family.

We have tried all methods & techniques to bring peace with our neighbors, but if they do not heed our gestures or respond amicably, we would then have to consider other possible options at a time of our choosing. We need to give it back to Pakistan but in ways which will maintain harmony in the region and peace in the world.