• Automation to Enhance Feature Extraction, Change Detection on the UP42 Platform

Berlin. 11 August 2022. UP42, a  geospatial developer platform and marketplace, is
collaborating with Trimble to offer automated Trimble® eCognition® software object-based
image analysis and change detection solution. The unique, object-based image analysis
technology within Trimble eCognition dramatically enhances the accuracy and quality of
information extracted from geospatial data. This enables eCognition developers to become
UP42 partners, create enriched processing capabilities, and commercialize their algorithms on
the UP42 marketplace.

These extensive capabilities allow UP42 partners to extract accurate geospatial information for
a wide range of applications, from forestry and land cover sustainability mapping to utility
transmission vegetation management and temporal analysis

.“Collaborating with Trimble is a win-win scenario for UP42 and eCognition developers,” said
UP42 CEO Sean Wiid. “UP42 partners can leverage eCognition to create automated solutions
that extract fully quantified insights from imagery—and then affordably scale them to
commercial operations with our cloud infrastructure.”

For current eCognition developers, Wiid explained, “UP42 makes available dozens of machine
learning algorithms and a diverse selection of geospatial data on a single platform, where they
can be integrated and exploited with flexible workflow capabilities. UP42 encourages these
developers to take advantage of a new revenue channel by showcasing their analytics products
on our marketplace.”

“The addition of Trimble eCognition to the UP42 platform combines scalable infrastructure,
Earth observation data and automated extraction technology to quickly transform data into
valued information," said Tim Lemmon, Marketing Director for Trimble Geospatial.