Geneva, Switzerland. 28 May 2024 . Geneva-based TITAN Aviation Fuels International® is extending its presence throughout Europe and adding more Sustainable Aviation Fuel, SAF, options to its product portfolio. The international team, which is responsible for all territories outside of the USA, has added five new SAF sites to its Spanish network and is working with Spanish energy company CEPSA to increase the opportunity for uplift to customers flying from Madrid, Barcelona, Palma, Malaga and Seville airports.

TITAN Aviation Fuels recognizes the importance of sustainability for European operators, owners and customers, and is committed to supporting the industry’s ambitious plans to manage and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. TITAN encourages clients to uplift SAF, provides blends where available and offers carbon offset options when it is not. The latest addition to its European network strengthens this offering. “We are seeing more demand for sustainable aviation fuel from our customers, but supply remains a challenge in Europe, making it difficult to source. The limited supply and demand also affect price. However, we have recently increased our supply in Spain and continue to seek out new SAF suppliers.  For customers that are unable to source the fuel we provide our own carbon offset program, which customers can subscribe to,” says CEO Coetzer.

Since opening the doors of the Geneva-based offices, TITAN Aviation Fuels has garnered an impressive roster of business aviation operators and owners worldwide signing up for the refueller’s services. European clients are embracing the efficiency, reliability, and streamlined offering delivered by the highly experienced team led by respected fuelling professionals Daniel Coetzer, chief executive officer, and Valerie Bouthiaux, managing director.

Customers appreciate the simplicity of TITAN’s real-time fuel planning, digital quoting, pre-ordering, and purchasing from an extended global network of approved suppliers, security of fuelling at competitive pricing, and consistently high levels of service from the TITAN 24/7 customer service team. In addition, TITAN provides operational integration and VAT (value-added tax) and MOT (mineral oil tax) management expertise, which is notoriously complex for flight departments and managers to calculate.

“We keep things simple for our customers so they can focus on operating their aircraft rather than the practical and fiscal complexities of uplifting fuel internationally,” says Coetzer about TITAN’s commitment to its customers.

Inspiring the future industry workforce

As the industry faces ongoing talent shortages TITAN, which will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year, has acquired the former AeroShell Aerobatic Team which has a 40-year history of performing in their North American AT-6 Texans to showcase the thrill, expertise and excitement of the aviation sector. “It’s all about connecting with aviation in a personal way. Our fuelling business combines advanced technology and efficiencies with personal relationships and the TITAN Aerobatic Team perfectly exemplifies this approach. We want to showcase the excitement, innovation, and lateral thinking aviation showcases. If by watching our acrobatic team perform, we inspire young and diverse sectors of the population to want to join the industry, that will be one of our greatest achievements,” says Coetzer.