Paris. 14 June 2016. Thales has announced the launch of its compact 3D tactical Ground Master 60 radar, intended for use with short and extremely short-range weapon systems.
The Ground Master 60 is the only multi-mission radar capable of detecting all types of targets while on-the-move. Due to its compact design, it is perfectly adapted for operational deployment on a vehicle. The Ground Master 60 provides projected forces with better situational awareness of the air picture, thereby giving them increased protection during their missions.
In addition to its excellent detection capacity while on-the-move, the Ground Master 60 can detect rockets, artillery shells and mortars to effectively complete the protection of deployed forces. An “all-in-one” radar, the Ground Master 60 is equipped with both a generator and an air conditioning system; key factors in ensuring high reliability and increased mobility. The radar can also be installed and removed very quickly in an operation theatre.
Whether positioned on the front lines or airlifted to inaccessible areas, thanks to its outstanding detection capabilities, the Ground Master 60 delivers accurate targeting information to associated weapon systems.
To increase air cover and protect especially sensitive zones such as a medium-range radar site, the Ground Master 60 can also be operated statically.
“This new version of the Ground Master 60 encompasses the best technologies developed by Thales in terms of ground radars. It is the perfect complement to the medium and long-range radars from the Ground Master family. This extremely mobile radar offering high detection capacity will increase the protection of the forces deployed at theatre level. Serge Adrian, Senior Vice President of Surface Radars Activities at Thales.