Paris. 15 June 2016. After the success of the band X version already used in the last French military operations, Thales launched communications satellite terminals Satmove Ka.

These low profile terminals, which provide ground forces a discretion on the theater of operations, possible to establish an “On-the-Move” communication for military land vehicles where they are installed and maintained while the vehicle moves.

High performance, they are equipped with electronic scanning active antennas that provide better coverage and greater availability of communications in all situations.


Featuring a high-speed (13Mb / s), the new Ka Satmove terminals Thales are also important developments regarding singular point of management that enables communication between the communication terminal and the satellite when -ci is at its zenith.

The Satmove Ka Thales terminals incorporate the expertise of Thales for satellite communications. They are designed for land, air and naval forces. The first tests are planned end of 2016.