When ADU was founded five years back, it’s editorial mission was to give news of  aerospace , defence and homeland security from all the continents, to keep the readers updated and cover the developments in the three arenas globally. And all this with the motto – We Just Report Facts, We Don’t Change Them.

And today as we turn five we’d like to express gratitude to our great writers and analysts who placed their faith in our ability and trust in our authenticity. As we celebrate our fifth anniversary , we want to say “thank you” to all our authors  who have made those five years possible with their astute analysis and interesting writeups . Your experience has reflected in the authenticity, brevity and clarity which exudes from the stories you write. ADU is indebited to each of you and hope we still have a great working relationship with you when we celebrate our tenth, twentieth and the fiftieth anniversaries.  Your support and motivation will always be our strength.