Paris. 14 June 2024. SYSNAV exhibits at Eurosatory 2024 in Hall 6, F310 as part of the EDEN Defense Security & Safety Cluster pavilion.

SYSNAV is the French expert on high precision 3D positioning and location tracking using affordable sensors. Wherever GNSS signals are unreliable, SYSNAV delivers trustworthy data for critical decisions.
The need for resilient PNT (Positioning, Navigation and Timing) is growing as GNSS signals are subject to jamming, decoying and cyber threats.

SYSNAV’s patented magneto-inertial technology delivers real-time positioning using dead reckoning and sensor fusion. It maintains precision in GNSS-denied environments (dense urban areas, indoors, underground, and events of GPS jamming or blurring). As GPS RTK is equally subject to such weak points, it is of utmost importance for armed forces to complement GNSS with inertial navigation. Sysnav applies unique sensor calibration expertise to off-the-shelf MEMS components in order to achieve high precision with low SWAP-C (size, weight, power and cost).

SYSNAV’s pedestrian tracking technology meet 2 different but equally important needs:

  • Blue force tracking for dismounted soldiers and first responders For the infantry, particularly in urban combat operations, persistent blue force tracking for dismounted infantrymen is a critical need . SYSNAV is part of R&D programs with France’s Armaments Directorate and major defense vendors on the topic. We also developed SYSNAV FRST (First Responder Smart Tracker) meant for firefighters.

Find Sysnav dismounted soldier tracker also in exhibition at :
– Ministère des Armées (Hall 5A – F06)
– NAE Normandie Aerospace (Hall 6 – E216)
– EDEN (Hall 6 G337)

  • Lone Worker protection and security oversight in defense sector facilities SYSNAV PLD (Personnel Location Device) indoor/outdoor tracker equips workers on industrial campuses to increase their safety. It is also a great tool to strengthen security on sensitive sites by monitoring the whereabouts of subcontractors, visitors or security guards and managing flexible geofences.