• Dr. S Jaishankar External Affais minister to be Key Note Speaker

New Delhi. 23 November 2023. Symbiosis School for International Studies, a prestigious institution in the field of international education, is gearing up to host the eleventh International Relations Conference (IRC) on November 25th and 26th, 2023. This significant event will unfold at the Symbiosis campus in Lavale, Pune, and will feature the esteemed External Affairs Minister, Dr. Jaishankar, as the keynote speaker.

The focus of this year’s IRC will be on India’s strategic thought and its influence on policy responses to global and regional challenges, viewed through a non-western lens. The two-day conference aims to engage in thoughtful discussions surrounding the evolution of Indian strategic culture, with a specific emphasis on addressing global and regional challenges.

Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Pro Chancellor, SIU states that “to make the youth aware of the happenings around the world, Symbiosis International University has been organizing an International Relations Conference since 2012, in collaboration with the Ministry of External affairs. The past conferences have hosted various stalwarts in the field of international relations, and this year, the Hon’ble Minister of External Affairs, Dr. S Jaishankar, will address and interact with the youth.”

Commencing with a discussion centered around the influential research paper by the late George K. Tanham, the conference will explore Indian notions of the State and statecraft. Tanham’s work, derived from his interactions with Delhi’s security elite, has significantly shaped the discourse on India’s strategic thinking, particularly his assertion of an “absence of strategic thinking” in the country.

Distinguished speakers and academics will delve into the historical and contemporary factors shaping India’s responses to global and regional challenges. The unique perspective of the conference lies in its examination of strategic culture as both an environment and intervention variable, impacting decision-makers in defining security interests and shaping alliances and policy choices.

In addition to addressing immediate challenges, the conference aims to define the nature of International Relations (IR) studies in India. With the world recognizing India’s growing centrality in international relations, this event provides a platform for discussions that could contribute to altering the discourse and narrative on Indian strategic thought globally.

IRC 2023 will encompass sessions covering various dimensions, including the evolution of Indian strategic thought, ethical and moral aspects of statecraft, geopolitics and warfare, ideas of nationhood and civilizational imagination, diplomatic practices in foreign policy, and the emergence of the Indian School of IR.

Aligned with the 2023 G20 agenda under India’s presidency, this edition of the conference will focus on diverse aspects of internationalism, such as warfare, geopolitics, ideas of nationhood, diplomatic practices in foreign policy, and more. Furthermore, it seeks to encourage discussions on geopolitics mentioned and discussed in the Raisina Dialogue 2023, aiming to address the most challenging global issues through solution-based discussions with global executive decision-makers.

The participation of eminent practitioners, academics, and students from international studies and various faculties will contribute to presentations and discussions. The outcomes of these interactions will be compiled into a publication, offering new approaches to understanding India’s strategic thought and serving as a cornerstone for India’s foreign policy. Through conferences like the IRC, the aim is to engage students, making them aware of geopolitical developments and their impact on India and the world.